Breakout sessions are your opportunity to dig deeper into the topics that interest you. 24 sessions will be offered at this year’s District Conference, facilitated by fellow Rotary members and guests of Rotary. Sessions are conducted as seminars, facilitated workshops, or panel discussions.
Five Major Themes:
•Vibrant Clubs
•Business of Rotary
•International Focus
•Environment and Health
Breakout sessions are also an opportunity to network on a smaller scale and to meet potential project partners. Sessions will be held Friday, April 28th morning and afternoon and Saturday, April 29th, morning.

Please note: This list is not complete, and titles and schedule are likely to change.

Friday, April 28, 2017
Topic Title Speaker (s) Room

 10:45am - 11:30am  

Power of Influence

 The power of connection-bridging the divide


In this talk, we will see how human networks form, how silos are created and why bridging these divides is in our best interest – personally, professionally and societally. 

Many of us work in hierarchies and take direction from higher-ups, but did you know that influence happens independent of hierarchy? In fact, hierarchy often gets in the way of influence. 

Not only does this disconnect exist within organizations, it is rampant in society, both at the community and individual level.

 Vikas Narula


      H20 for Life

 H20 for Life

Water you waiting for?  Rotarians and Youth working together to solve the Global Water Crisis 

 Patty Hall


Birds and Environment

What the birds are telling us - Climate and Endangered Birds of MN

Description: Nearly half of all bird species in North America are seriously threatened by climate change and in Minnesota we have 166 climate threatened or climate endangered species.   

St. Paul Audubon member Monica Bryand worked on a special project of Minnesota Audubon to capture through photos, these 166 species. It is a work in progress but she currently has over 100 and will share her photos and some stories of her travels along the way.

Monica is a Latina birder/photographer that focuses on mainly urban birds but manages to travel up north and across the state to find special feathered friends.

Monica Bryand

St. Paul


     Story Telling

Discovering Your Rotary Story    


History and Fact about Storytelling- This will include some information about why a story is good to have, and what components make a good story.

Exercises- These will be on their feet! Asking attendees to work on some safe (i.e.- non-scary) improv games. These exercises will get the creative juices going, and help them all to realize that they are all storytellers.

Write Your Own Story- I will have a worksheet for them to write their own story about Rotary. They will take some time to write ideas, then take time to talk it through with a partner.

 Josh Campbell






   1:30pm - 2:15pm  

      The Truth

 The Truth, the Four-way Test and Your Life


-What is truth, anyway? 
-How do we find it?
hy is truth so complicated?
Are there real alternative facts and truths?
How can there be so much contention about the truth?
ow do we know when it is the truth?
Can there be more than one truth? 
Who’s responsible for all the confusion, irritation and consternation? 
Is your truth better than my truth? 
Can there actually be a truth that is the foundation for what we believe in and for our lives? 

Let's find out, together!

 Jim Lukaszewski


Equity Culture and Race

When Equity Matters - moving from race to culture

“Each day presents us with the opportunity to create positive effects. Even the simplest, seemingly insignificant choices we make in our daily lives—what we eat, what we wear, what we use on our bodies,  in our homes and how we get there – have a ripple effect that reaches far beyond us personally. By living in balance with nature, you strengthen the connections between yourself, the world and creation.” -Anthony Taylor 

Anthony Taylor

 St. Paul

Panel- GSE

Group Study Exchange Team
Meet the Team - Bio's - Click Here

Ainslie Ward Corridon (Lead),  Laura Goldstone, Yogish, Anna Williams, Inacia Santos, Graciana Herculano

Ken Crabb,PDG


      Global Health

The greatest story rarely told: how global health is changing lives and nation

Talk summary: Over the past decade, the global health community has made tremendous gains against some of the world's most insidious scourges. Mortality due to preventable and treatable causes such as diarrhea, pneumonia, tuberculosis, malaria, and even HIV/AIDS are declining. This lecture will discuss some of innovations, adaptations of technology, and resourceful approaches used to achieve these gains in low-income settings. Some of the future challenges for ensuring the health of marginalized populations will be discussed

Christy Hanson






   2:30pm - 3:15pm   

International Service Projects

Never Miss an Opportunity – District 5960 International Service Projects in Rotary

: Pam Tschida, Patty Hall, Vicki Dilley, Fred Treiber 

Description: Our Panelists bring well over 60 years of Rotary service to our discussion. They have traveled well over a million miles around the globe doing good deeds in the name of Rotary. Their efforts have made our world a better place. Today they are here to share their passion and experiences with International Service Projects in Rotary.


Greg Bartz


Innovation for Finance in Rotary

Innovation Hacking for Rotary Value

How do leaders drive systemic innovation, reinvigorate their organization’s value proposition and grow in a highly competitive global market? This session will give you a framework with which to help drive innovation for growth in any organization as outlined by a former chief strategy & innovation officer of a Fortune 6 company. Architect, Execute and Optimize your way to value creation!

 Patrick Stroh


Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Our Human Rights: Universal and Mine!

Description: You could be one of the participants in affirming your human rights!  Ann will provide a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to thirty people prior to the session.  Each participants can select an article to affirm and relate to your life in three minutes!

 Ann Frisch


Seated Yoga Practice

Restorative yoga for your workday.

Description: A restorative seated yoga practice.  Yoga poses that you can do from the chair at your desk. Recharge your body and sharpen your focus by learning different meditative, breathing and physical techniques. Emerge refreshed.

Chandra Ziegler

 St. Paul





    3:30pm - 4:15pm   

       Annual Meeting

District 5960 Annual Business Meeting
Voting Procedures
Credential Certificate
2017-18 Budget
Budget Explanation
2015-16 Annual Meeting Minutes

 Jim Hunt, DG

Battle Creek
1st Floor

Leadership in Service Organizations

Getting Along and Making Things Happen: Navigating the Challenges of Community Leadership

Description:It’s not about “being in charge”, it is about making things happen. Successful community leadership requires a unique set of skills. Constructive relationships and communication foster positive interactions, trust, and cooperation. This session will focus on developing a leadership model and culture of successful community engagement.

 Alan Tuchtenhagen


 Travel and Safety

Personal Security for Rotary Aid workers during International Travel

During this session you will learn basic principles that will help  keep you safe especially during travel either locally or internationally.  We will use a series of case presentations including someone trying to enter your hotel room to active shooters in a shopping center to teach these personal protection skills.   You will use patterns of response taught in a Navy Seal inspired training course.  These safety lessons will not require Navy Seal fitness to apply, rather requires a mind-set to be alert and not be a victim.

 Dr. Johannsen


Invasive species in MN water

Perspectives on Minnesota's aquatic invasive species from an outdoorsman, researcher, and Rotary member.

Description:Aquatic invasive species (AIS) in Minnesota have caused irreversible ecological damage, cost the state millions, and threaten the use and enjoyment of our lakes and rivers. However, all hope is not lost and we do not need to settle for the status quo. As an avid outdoorsman, University researcher and Rotary member, Dr. Phelps will provide perspectives on the current status of AIS efforts and reasons to be optimistic.

Nick Phelps

St. Paul



Saturday, April 29, 2017



Speaker (s)


9:45am - 10:30am  

Rotary Peace Fellows (Panel)

Panelist:  Amanda Ottman and Megan Powers

Rotary Peace Fellows in Action

Description: Learn how two peace fellows are creating peace in their distinct career fields. Megan and Amanda will share their work experiences since completion of their fellowships, and encourage participants to think out of the box on ways to generate peace.



     Club Runner

Vibrant Clubs- Using ClubRunner as a powerful website tool
Description: How can you be a vibrant club? ClubRunner is more than just a tool to build a unique Rotary Club website. It is a Content Management System that can help you improve communication, build relationships, put together memorable events, and track all your Rotary administrative details with one powerful tool. Learn how to use this collaborative, easy to use technology to benefit your club.

Mark Shockey


Recreation and Conservation

MN Rovers Club

Description: The Minnesota Rovers Outdoors Club, a not-for-profit organization founded in 1954, is one of the oldest, most active outing clubs in the Upper Midwest. We have hundreds of members—mostly busy, working people who enjoy fitting outdoor activities into their schedules. Our trips run the gamut from bicycle day rides in the metro area to multi-week adventures on foreign soil.

Rovers will help you develop outdoor skills—the techniques required for climbing a sheer cliff, paddling a lively stretch of whitewater, or skiing a tricky backwoods trail; you’ll meet other people who share your enthusiasm for outdoor adventure.

Minnesota Rovers Outdoors Club:

Border Route Trail Association:

 Bob Jarvis

 3M Intl

Panel- GSE

Group Study Exchange Team
Meet the Team - Bio's -
Click Here

Ainslie Ward Corridon (Lead),  Laura Goldstone, Yogish, Anna Williams, Inacia Santos, Graciana Herculano

 Rob Howard






 10:45am - 11:30am  

     Panel Discussion  Membership

 Vibrant Clubs:-Attracting and Keeping Members
Jan Vanderwall-Moderator

Panel Members: Chelsea Holub, Deb Nygaard, Henry Endres, Elaine Case



 Panel Discussion  Youth Programs

District 5960 Youth Service: STRIVE, Youth Exchange, Camp Ryla, Interact

Rick Estenson-Moderator

Meet the panel members:
Mark Riewestahl, Camp RYLA, Mark was a camper at Camp RYLA in 2015. Last year he was a Junior Counselor and this year he stepped up to be a Junior Counselor coordinator.

Dave Brown, part of the Prior Lake-Savage School District and will bring two students to represent the STRIVE program.

Emma Mulhern, a senior at Highland park Senior High in St. Paul, but is taking all her classes at the U of MN through the PSEO program. She went abroad as a 15-year-old during her junior year at Highland Park as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student.


 Dave Brown-Host of students


 International Work in India

 "Doing Good in the World"

Description: Dr. Vadlamani will discuss the wonderful work The Rotary Foundation does in the 6 areas of focus: Promoting peace, fighting disease, providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene, saving mothers and children, supporting education and growing local economies. He will provide specific examples to India and the partnership with our district.

Dr. Ravi Vadlamani, PDG D3150


Rotarians in World War II

1932 - Iowa Rotary Club tried to prevent WWII & the Holocaust Boxcar


Tony Conn, an Assistant Governor from Keokuk, Iowa, mentioned that he had discovered a bound set of letters written by Rotary Clubs around the world in response to a "Peace Pipe Letter" sent out by the president of the Keokuk Club. At the time, Rotary was under a lot of pressure in Germany as Adolf Hitler consolidated power and was pushing a nationalist agenda and did not care for organizations like Rotary, which promoted friendship between the nations and people of the world. At the same time, Rotary Clubs in Germany were also under suspicion because they had plenty  of German Jewish members, so the Nazis were pressuring them to expel their Jewish members and Rotary was resisting this pressure. 

Yogi Reppman Bio

 Yogi Reppman
 Charlie Cogan

McKnight Ballroom