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St Peter
Monday, 12:00 p.m.
Gustavus Adolphus Student Union
800 W College Ave
St. Peter, MN 56082
Map Link
Web Site:   www.stpeterrotary.org
Date Chartered:   July  13, 1938
Club Number:   2168
Sponsor Club:   Greater Mankato
Clubs Sponsored:  
Current Members:   38
Charter Members:   ?
Charter President:   Dr. Mel Lenander
Bulletin:   Rotary Rouser
Year Started:   1938
First Editor:   N/A
Date last updated:   January 31, 2005
Officers for current year 2016-17:  
PE   Steve Winkler email
S   Gail Strand email
ES   Russ Wille email
T   Russ Wille email
RF   John Bungum email
BE   Russ Wille email
INT   Gail Strand email
Historical Highlights:   There have been a wide variety of service activities over the years. The most common included participation in local civic and patriotic events and contributing money and time to a variety of youth programs. When a new hospital had to recently be constructed a significant contribution was made over a five-year period.
Rotaract Club:   None
Interact Club:   None
Centennial Project:   Following a 1998 tornado that destroyed a significant portion of St. Peter, an tornado damaged open area near the local high school was developed into “Rotary Park.” Work included clean up, seeding for grass, constructing curbs and paving for parking
Historical Highlights:   On a number of occasions club members have participated in local high school career days and made presentations for various student and adult groups about occupations and businesses. For a number of years the club helped with a boy scout sponsored career day in nearby Mankato. Members have also had people “shadow” them at work during the day. At least a quarter of presentations at club meetings have involved local businesses and change in occupations. Occasionally club meetings are held at a business location, such as at our new hospital last December, to learn more about how local businesses function.
Historical Highlights:   N/A
Youth Exchange:   After usually hosting an exchange student for almost thirty years, the club has not hosted a student the past several years. The club does intend to start again—work must be done to increase the pool of potential non-Rotarian host families. This Rotar
Group Study Exchange:   The club has been involved in hosting or helping to host GSE teams whenever possible. In recent years the Mankato clubs have provided housing, and our club provided activities for a day. Every opportunity to participate with GSE teams has been memorable
Ambassadorial/Peace Scholars:   The club will be hosting an Ambassadorial Scholar at an upcoming club meeting.
Matching Club Project:   N/A
Historical Highlights:   After an abrupt decline about a decade back, the club has maintained its membership. There are usually a couple social activities held each year, with spouses invited for at least one. The club has a membership presence in attendance at all District events. Several membership booklets with photos have been prepared over the years for special events.
Foundation/Paul Harris Fellows:   Participation in foundation giving currently is not up to expectations, but attempts are being made to increase giving. About two-dozen members have become Paul Harris Fellows, but this number will also hopefully be increased soon.
District/International Officers:   No one has held office in recent decades
Rotary Awards:   After receiving an annual club citation for a number of years, it has not been possible for several years. Club membership has been maintained but not increased, so all standards could not be met.
Historical Highlights:   N/A