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TRF & FFH donations "how to" Click here for Printable version

The Rotary Foundation and Fast For Hope donations
"How to do it"

 (Updated June 06, 2016)
Club Treasurers or Foundation Chairs are responsible for mailing donations for the Rotary Foundation Annual Programs Fund, PolioPlus, and approved Foundation grants directly to The Rotary Foundation in Chicago along with an accompanying form, so that dollars get credited to the correct fund, club, and member.  The form to use for individual donors is the “Contribution Form 123-EN.”  If donations from multiple donors are being sent in, the “Multiple Donor Form 094-EN’ may be used, but note that this form should only be used where all donors are donating to the same fund.  These two forms are available through the www.rotary.org (The Rotary Foundation). You can print them and make copies. The address for where to send each form is on the respective form.

Click Here Contribution Form The Rotary Foundation
Click Here Multiple Donor Form The Rotary Foundation
  • Do not send donations and forms pertaining to donations to The Rotary Foundation to the District Office.
  • Keep copies of whatever you send in, including any checks.
  • For the Annual Programs Fund, the preferred choice in our district is “Annual Fund – SHARE.” This will result in District Designated Funds for future grants in our district. 
  • Pre-populated forms for individual donors (Contribution Form) or multiple donors from the same club (Multiple Donor Form) can be generated via Member Access under “Forms.”
  • Make payments to The Foundation early in each Rotary year to satisfy the club’s goals as set by current President and ensure the contributions are counted in the correct year. May 15 is a recommended deadline.
  • Requirements for Presidential Citations may require earlier deadlines.
  • Send funds to The Rotary Foundation in Chicago immediately after they are collected.
  • It is preferable to have checks from individuals made out directly to The Rotary Foundation. This ensures donors will be able to take a tax deduction for their donations.
  • If funds are collected via the club treasury, you can use a Multiple Donor Form, keeping in mind that only one fund can be designated on each form. A past Rotary Regional Foundation Coordinator made a statement to this effect about donations via a club: Chances are a check made out to your club is not technically a deduction since your club is not a qualified charity under the IRS code sections. I have yet to see this be a problem with small contributions such as $25 per quarter. If someone is making a larger contribution, I strongly urge you to ask them to make the check out to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) and you simply send it in with a completed Contribution Form
  • Donors can check on their donation history via My Rotary at www.rotary.org.
  • Only donations to the Annual Programs Fund, Polio+, or grants approved by The Foundation (not including “District Grants”) qualify for Paul Harris Fellow credit. Permanent Fund Donations do not count toward Paul Harris Fellowships.
  • Donations can be made directly by donors in various ways.
    • By sending in a donation with the proper form.
    • Via My Rotary, The Rotary Foundation on the www.rotary.org website and choosing “Give.” This will require a credit card. This will work for a non-recurring donation or a recurring one. (See next item in this list.) To help your club meet its annual goal, choose the Annual Fund-SHARE box.
    • By signing up for recurring contributions donations can be designated as monthly, quarterly, or annually. This can be done by mailing in a TRF Direct form, by using the Contribution Form (and specifically filling in the recurring donation section, “Make this a recurring contribution”), or via Rotary Club Central.
The Rotary Foundation now has a toll-free contact center. Call 1-866-976-8279 or E- mail: contact.center@rotary.org to check on donations, recognition points, and more. The TRF Contact Center is open M-F, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Central Time
Each year the District selects a project for FFH contributions and asks each club to make contributions to this project (2007-15 - Nicaragua). These club/individual contributions should be PAYABLE DIRECTLY TO ROTARY DISTRICT 5960, WITH FFH IN THE MEMO (nothing to do with TRF in Chicago, District only). Pay to “Rotary District 5960.” Send to 2233 Hamline Ave No, Suite 620, Roseville MN 55113.