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Quick Start

Learn how to schedule your Webinar in 3 easy steps: scheduling, branding and registering your attendees.

Watch Video (4:51 min.)

Quick Start for Mac (4:27 min.)

Present Like a Pro

Improve your online presentation skills by learning some presentation best-practices for visual content and vocal delivery.

Watch Video (4:43 min.)

Best Practices for a Successful Event

Answers to the most commonly asked questions on ensuring a successful Webinar.

Watch Video (37:03 min.)

Becoming The Online Presenter Everyone Enjoys Listening To

Video from our Specialized Webinar series. Learn presentation best practices to get you started with presenting online.

Watch Video (11:53 min.)

Recording Basics

Learn how to record a Webinar for your audience to watch at any time.

Watch Video (3:54 min.)

Complete GoToWebinar User Guide

Getting Started, Webinar Planning, Using GoToWebinar Integrated Audio, Webinar Presentation, Webinar Follow-Up, Record a Webinar, Tips for Success, Troubleshooting

GoToWebinar FAQs

"How To" information

Panelist Quick Start

Quickly learn how to participate in a Webinar as an invited Panelist.

Watch Video (4:27 min.)

Practice Makes Perfect!

Avoid the most common mistakes by running a practice session before your live webinar.

Watch Video (2:42 min.)

Engage Your Audience

Learn how to make your Webinars more interactive by using Q&A, chat, polls and presentation tools.

Watch Video (4:55 min.)

Q&A Made Easy

Learn how to assign Q&A responsibilities and how to best manage questions while in session.

Watch Video (3:54 min.)

Integrated Audio

Learn all about your audio options, and how to choose the right one to meet your needs.

Watch Video (5:44 min.)

Audio: Using VoIP

Headset or Speaker Recommendations

GoToWebinar Reference Guides and Downloads

Use this PowerPoint slide in the beginning of your Webinar to familiarize your attendees with the GoToWebinar attendee interface. Be sure to read the notes...