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 Date/Time   Size    File  
 12/18/14 03:59 PM    36,004,906    2014-11-05 17.34 AssistantGovernorTraining.wmv  
 12/18/14 04:02 PM    74,045,487    2014-12-15 18.32 Updates and Continuing District Planning for 2014-2015.wmv  
 12/28/10 10:48 AM    319,146,496    Nicargua PPT-District.ppt  
 03/20/12 06:08 AM    109,832,259    Rotary Angels 1.m4v  
 07/08/10 10:13 AM    139,620,258    Rotary-YouthProtectionTraining-1.wmv  

Notes on Rotary District 5960 Files

On this page you will find files that you can either view online, or download to your computer for reference later.

To view a file you will need the corresponding program or free viewer program. For more information on obtaining a free viewer program, please read the Site Requirements.

Once you are on the download page, you may read the file online (assuming you have the proper reader or viewer loaded) by clicking normally on the file name. Or you may download the desired file by right clicking on the file name. When you right click you will get a menu that will include "Save Target As...". Click on this choice and follow the screens to identify the location on your computer where you wish to store the file.

One of the columns on the download page tells you the file size. If you are on a slow Internet connection you will want to schedule your large downloads at a time when you can tie up your connection for a while. For reference, a 2,000,000 byte file would take approximately 10 minutes to download with a 56K connection.