What is expected of you and your RFE team? 
  1. Commitment to go!
  2. Flexible attitude a must. If you must be in control, dont go!
  3. Application with a $75/person deposit check payable to Rotary District 5960 (RFE in memo line). Deposit is non-refundable if accepted to team or alternate. Fee helps to defray costs for RFE programming, marketing, and miscellaneous program expenses.
  1. Must be:
    1. healthy enough for travel
    2. willing to travel as a team member
    3. attend two Team meetings prior to departure
    4. willing to participate with other team members in a presentation about Rotary District 5960 and particularly about the area you come from
  1. Will need:
    1. Passport (check expiration requirements for country traveling to)
    2. visas, depending on the country
    3. emergency assistance
    4. medical insurance or be self-insured
  1. Understands that no RFE participant costs are incurred by Rotary District 5960 or RI
  2. Understands that lodging, home meals, and local transportation are typically provided by host
  3. Will be responsible for paying for:
    1. own airfare, home-area transportation costs, and other incidental expenses. When possible, Team will participate in group purchase of airline tickets. Expected to arrive with the Team. Exceptions must consider arrival and departure times.
    2. dining out and admission fees over and above hosts provisions (an estimate will be provided prior to exchange)
    3. gifts for host families, name tags, other small personal items you may want to share
    4. Team may opt to purchase logo clothing for RFE Team

  4. Upon return, willing to serve as an Ambassador for our district and share RFE experience by:
    1. presenting to own club on RFE experience
    2. presenting to host club from inbound exchange (if applicable)-
    3. presenting to at least two other clubs or district events
    4. presenting to other clubs as requested
    5. submitting an article to your local newspaper to highlight your experience with Rotary

  5. Sharing your RFE experience with Rotarians throughout the district is highly valued and promotes international understanding with Rotarians in other countries. Pay special note to the expectations listed above in #9. It is suggested that you schedule some of these presentations in advance of your travel. Please send your presentation schedule as well as additional information and articles that are to be published to the RFE chair upon your return.