RFE-Traveler Selection Criteria
The following criteria are used to select the outbound team travelers for Friendship Exchange.
  • Application and deposit received by due date

  • Demonstrated commitment: some familiarity with language or willingness to learn key phrases, willingness to provide presentations to clubs upon return

  • Team diversity : club membership, professions, regions, gender, age

  • Club support/endorsement (member in good standing)

  • Preference given to travelers willing to host or have hosted inbound RFE

  • Previous applications submitted for RFE

  • Previous participation in RFE

The committee will review the applications using the above criteria to make the selection. A team leader will need to be identified from among the team members. If no one volunteers to be the team leader, the team will need to identify who among them is willing to assume that role.


Recognizing that plans change, if there are more applications than positions available, alternate team members will be selected and asked if they would be willing to go if a team member needed to drop out. The deposit will be refunded for a team alternate and collected only if they become a team member. Willingness to be an alternate is not a criterion for being selected as a team member.


Applications area available on the pages for each upcoming exchange.