It is my pleasure to officially open the nomination period for selecting District 5960’s District Governor for the 2025-26 Rotary year!
I am excited to be leading the District and the District Governor Nominating Committee with this unbelievably important task. Having just come off my year in the District Governor role, I can tell you the journey from applying, interviewing, preparing, and doing the role, has been nothing short of amazing!
As I have shared, I was not looking to apply for District Governor. But others saw something in me and felt I would be good in the role. It is only with this support and encouragement that I made the decision to apply. And that is where you come in! You may know someone that you have seen up close and thought would make a successful District Governor. I would ask that you give that qualified Rotarian the same encouragement I received. What are those qualifications?    
  • Have been your Club’s president for a full Rotary year
  • Are a member in good standing
  • Have an interest in sharing your Rotary passion with fellow Rotarians
I’ve already mentioned the experience of being District Governor as amazing, and I would also add that it is life-changing! Like anything we do, we get out of it what we put into it. To be sure, the time and energy required for the role can be demanding. But that’s true of anything we do that is worthwhile.
Throughout last year, and hopefully, you have seen this yourself, the role of District Governor has been shared with the District Governor line. We support each other and work towards consensus so that we can build continuity. This TEAM concept is one of the accomplishments I’m most proud of from last year!
All nominations for District Governor must be received in the District Office no later than Monday, October 10, 2022..  The Nominating Committee will meet to interview interested Rotarians on Friday, October 14th. Details on time and location TBD. 
Do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions. Thank you.
Yours in Rotary,
Kenny Klooster
Rotary District 5960 Governor 2021-2022
Rotary Club of Greater Mankato President 2017-2018