Jon's worldwide recognition for helping to end polio is well deserved!
Jon is a Rotarian’s Rotarian.  While joining Rotary in 1985 made it official, he has lived and practiced Rotary ideals far longer than those 37 years. Jon has been active in Rotary District 5960 serving as club president, District Governor, District Trainer, and District Rotary Foundation Chair.  He served several times as International Assembly DG trainer. These contributions of service notwithstanding, Jon’s advocacy and tireless efforts have been directed to the eradication of polio as demonstrated by the following: 
  • Joined Rotary International staff in Evanston as Senior Staff TRF Global Polio Expert:  1999 to 2010 developing many Polio Plus programs still in use today.
  • Zone Coordinator Rotary’s 200 Million Dollar Challenge 2010-2011
  • End Polio Now Zone Coordinator 2012-2016
  • International Polio Plus Committee 2015-2016
  • End Polio Now Zone Coordinator, Global Coordinator for North America 2015-1016
  • Instrumental in the Initiative to raise funds for Polio eradication through use of District Designated Funds totaling $9,000,000 
In his home District and at Rotary Zone-level meetings, Jon is a frequent and much appreciated speaker.  Acting as the caped crusader, Jon’s entrances to programs are memorable. “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO it’s Polio Plus Man.” And as Jon sheds his cape a red Polio Plus shirt emerges.  The audience can’t help but get drawn in by his energy and passion for the foundation.
It is important to note that presentations at clubs, District or Zone do not end with a slot on a program; Jon always has a ready supply of “End Polio Now” pins which affords him the opportunity to tell the polio story continuing to build awareness and advocacy at the local level.   Jon is an ardent and successful fund raiser due in part to his ability to personalize his presentations with examples of impact and the outcome of Rotary’s efforts.
Jon has always been very generous with his time and expertise.  He has trained the current District Co-chairs and club representatives and remains an active participant in District meetings contributing both substance and no small measure of photographic skills! 
Jon has remained a vibrant member of his Club’s Foundation Team. His enthusiasm, leadership, and knowledge of The Rotary Foundation is providing an ongoing series of foundation moments that are shared with Club members. The moments are geared to engage the members and make them want to know more about the magic of TRF.
Recently, Jon led his club’s charge for the district’s Strike Out Polio campaign. His dedication to the fun bowling event generated almost $5,000 for Polio Plus.
Jon is a tireless champion for The Rotary Foundation.  Last summer, Jon worked at two community events that his Rotary club participated in. This resulted in the greater community experiencing his zeal for spreading the word on the good that The Rotary Foundation does in the world. 
In summary, Jon’s tireless efforts have made significant contributions to Rotary, to The Rotary Foundation, and to the millions of children and their families who have been vaccinated to prevent Polio.
On behalf of Rotary District 5960 leadership, its members, and Rotary International, it is my distinct honor to present Jon Stillman with The Rotary Foundation’s Distinguished Service Award. Thank you for your ongoing efforts to make the world a better place, and the tireless charge towards a Polio-free world. Congratulations!