Dear Rotary District 5960 Rotarians, 
Starting December 1, 2023, District 5960 will move its website from Club Runner to DACdb. 
Rotary District 5960 Events: You might have noticed that some of our event registration sites look different. That's because they are! We have moved registrations over to the new website.  You can use the following information on creating your new login for DACdb and register for events or your welcome to register as a GUEST. 

New Member Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Rotary! We hope you will maximize your membership by taking advantage of our online member portal, DACdb. This is more than an online directory- it’s an interactive tool to help you engage with our Club.

Through DACdb, you can edit your profile, search for members, register for events, and much more!


Login to DACdb

Your account in DACdb is automatically created when you join our Club. You won’t need to "sign-up" for DACdb! But there you will need to set a password for your account.

  1. To log in for the first time, your preferred email address is your username and you will need to set a new password.
    1. In your desktop web browser go to and click on the "Forgot Password" link
    1. Enter your user name (generally your preferred email address) and click "Reset Password".

    2. Click OK and look at the inbox for your preferred email address. Sometimes our emails get diverted to your spam or junk email folder so please check there if the email doesn't arrive in your inbox within 5 minutes.

    3. The email will contain the following text:
      Dear Ken,

      You have requested a password reset for your DACdb account. Please click here to reset the password on your account.

      If you prefer to not click on the link above, copy and paste this URL into your web browser:

      DacDB Support
    4. Click on the link or paste the URL into your web browser. The following dialog will display:
    5. Our password requirements are:
      Password must be at least 12 characters long and must contain a minimum of one of each of the following,
      Uppercase letter
      Lowercase letter
      Special Character (!, @, #, $, %, etc.)
      Enter your new password and confirm it by entering it again in the second box, then click on "RESET PASSWORD".
    6. You will see a confirmation that your new password has been saved and you will be take to the login screen where you can log in with your new credentials.

    7. If you are on your own computer please click on the Remember Me box and if you wish when your web browser asks, save or update the password.
  2. You will not need to enter your Club Number.

Can’t remember your password? Click the “Forgot Password?” button to reset it.

Tip: Don’t forget to bookmark the login page, check the “Remember Me” box, and check out our mobile version (! Our mobile offering (available in the iOS and Android app stores) has the functionality most users need; it's like having a club directory in your phone!


HOW-TO: Change your User Name or Password

When you join Rotary, your preferred email address becomes your default user name. However, if you change email addresses, your user name will not change unless you allow DACdb to change it as you save your new email address.

These settings can be updated at your convenience.

  1. Click the “My DATA” tab, followed by “Edit My Data”.

  2. Click the “Login” tab.

  3. Edit the user name (does not have to be an email address) and password to your desired information and click the “Update” button at the upper right of the window to save your changes.

Tip: This login is for our club database, DACdb, only.

This is not your login for Rotary International. To create an online account with Rotary International, visit


Update your Membership Data

When you log into DACdb, you’ll see the home screen, with District announcements, and a tab menu across the top.

  1. Click the “My DATA” tab to view your profile.

  2. To change or update your data, click “Edit My Data” located in the blue menu at the top of the screen.

  3. Information tabs will appear below your name. Click into the tab you wish you edit.

  4. Some fields are ready to edit- just click into the field and type. Some fields have a pencil edit button. Click the pencil edit button and a popup screen will appear. Modify the information, and click “Save”.

  5. Add a field: To add an address, click the red “+” symbol at the top right of the module.

  6. When finished, click the  “Update” button at the upper right of the window to save your changes. You only need to click “Update” once to save edits made throughout your profile tabs.

Tip: Keeping your information current is key to our success as a club!


Search & Browse for Members

One of the benefits of being a Rotarian is making new friends and colleagues. Use DACdb to search for someone based on name, classification, or company!

  1. To search for a member of your club,  click on the “My CLUB” tab, then click on the  “Find Member”icon. To search for a member of another club in your district, click on the "DISTRICT" tab and then click on the "Find Member" icon.

  2. A search box will appear. Here, you can type in your search parameters (last name, company name, classification). The more information added, the narrower the results.

  3. After adding your key term(s), hit the “Enter” button on your keyboard or click the “Search” button on the top right of the window. Your results will be displayed below.
  4. Find members by browsing a member list. Click the “My Club” tab, next to “My Data” then click on the "Club Members" icon.
    1. Club officers will appear at the top, followed by a list of your fellow members.
    2. To view and contact a member, click the name in blue, and you will be redirected to the member’s profile page.


View the Club Calendar

The Club Calendar is your resource to view club/district meetings & activities. You can view event details, and download reminders to your calendar.

  1. Click the “My CLUB” tab, located at the top of the page.
  2. Click the  “Calendar” icon.

  3. Check the boxes for events you wish to view.

  4. The calendar will appear below. Notice that you can select the presentation style of the calendar: "Week | Month | List Year". Shown above is the "List Year" view.
  5. To download an event to your calendar there are two methods. One is to put the calendar into "List Year" view and click on the calendar icon to download a ".ICS" file that you can import into your local calendar. The other is to click on the event in either of the other two views and click on the calendar icon there to download a ".ICS" file that can be imported into your local calendar.

  6. To view event details, click the name of the event.

Tip: To get the most out of your club calendar, remember to check all the “event” boxes!


Register for an Event

There is more than one way to start the registration process.

  1. If the Calendar is in "list year" view mode you will see the words "Register NOW" to the left of the Event name. Click on "Register NOW".

  2. If the Calendar is in either "week" or "month" mode, click on the check box to "Show only events I can Register for" and then click on the event you wish to register for.

    Scroll to the bottom of the event and click on the "Register NOW" button.
  3. To begin the registration process, click “Register Now”.
  4. Verify the information is correct, and click the yellow “Registration NOW” button.
  5. For some events you may be presented with the ability to register someone else.
  6. Once you're ready to check out, click on "Continue"
  7. For most events you will be presented one or more questions to answer. Some may have costs associated with them.
  8. Respond to the questions  and click on the "Proceed to Confirmation" button.

  9. Review your answers to the questions and if they're correct, click on "Confirm Selections"

  10. After clicking “Confirm Selections”, you will receive the “Confirmation” screen. An email will also be sent to your preferred email address.

Tip: It’s a good idea to print this page for your records!

DACdb Mobile Website

The DACdb mobile website has been specially designed to run on a smartphone (iPhone, Androids, Blackberry, etc.). While it will run on a normal web browser on your iPad/tablet or PC, the experience has been tailored for smartphones. The DACdb Mobile website is not a clone of, or a replacement for, the main DACdb website. It is a compliment to the main site - allowing users to quickly get information from the database when they are away from their computers.

Most of the functionality is read-only - if you want to edit your member record, register for events or send PMails, you still need to use the main DACdb website.

DaCdb Mobile can be reached at the URL: or installed from the Apple app store or Google Play Store. Search for in either store.

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Phone: (833) 322-3248 (833-DACdb4U)