Club Preparation & Requirements


Rotary D-5960 Visioning Team
Club Facilitation Preparation & Requirements

  • Desired Number of Participants: 15 – 20 club members including past and future Presidents and board members. PLEASE ask
  • your members to be on time AND plan to stay thorough the entire process as it is sequential…thank you. We recommend that alcohol not be served until conclusion.
  • Typical Facilitation Time-line:  4:30 (set-up) to 9:00 (conclusion) Participant club members arrive at 4:50 and can expect to conclude around 9:00
  • Room Set-up: U – Shaped set-up of tables and chairs facing a screen and white board if possible with  an easel on either side of the white board.  Water and glasses on the tables as well.  Please allow enough room along the wall of one of the rows of chairs to allow for 20-30 sheets of  easel paper to be hung on the wall for the exercises.  A couple of sheets attached to the white board as “Parking Lot” of ideas.
  • Food Buffet/Box Supper:  Starts at 5:00 with all participants seated and eating by 5:15.
  • Needs List:
    • Provided by Participating Club (please review carefully and make sure you have all the items listed below)
      • Meals for all attendees and facilitators…we suggest a box supper or a light buffet sandwich line to expedite food service and minimize clean-up.
      • 20-25 table name cards with attendees names printed large on the cards
      • 2 sturdy easels with full sized Post-It Easel Pads
      • Projection screen
      • Extension cord w/ multiple plug in
      • 400 – Color Code Label Dots (3/4” in diameter sized) – Dark Blue 
      • 400 – Color Code Label Dots (3/4” in diameter sized) - Red
      • Variety of blunt wide “permanent” colored markers
      • Scissors
      • Pens for filling in Exercise for each participant
      • Note paper for each participant
      • Roll of masking tape
    • Provided by Facilitators 
      • Rotary Vision Questionnaire (RVQ) provided to club prior to facilitation
      • 20-25 Facilitation Exercises customized to the club
      • Projector
      • Lap-top with PowerPoint Presentation on it
      • 3 copies Club Leadership Plan with President’s Development Team make-up and suggested agendas inserted.
  • Cost to the Participating Club:
    • Our Team of Rotarian facilitators provides this service to our District clubs at no cost

Thanks for the opportunity to serve your club,
Dave Schafer, Chair, Woodbury R.C
Joan Fawcett, Vision Facilitation Team Coordinator, Prior Lake Rotary Club

Timeline for Event:

  1. The Rotary Club requesting a Vision Facilitation Event will identify a “Club Coordinator” that will coordinate the entire event before any event planning activities begin.
  2. The District Vision Facilitation Team Coordinator will establish contact with the Club Coordinator to set the date for the facilitation event.
  3. Rotary Club Facilitation Overview (this document for event organization, emailed 30+ days prior to the event. to the club lead to understand the process and determine the timing of the event) 
  4. Rotary Vision Questionnaire (RVQ) (sent to facilitated club coordinator 14 days preceding facilitation with the expectation that they are back in facilitator’s   hands 4 days before scheduled Facilitated Event.)
  5. Rotary Vision Questionnaire (RVQ) information is summarized by the Vision Team Coordinator for use by the Vision Team facilitation.  (Club planning leader will get collected RVQ information back in the Coordinator’s hands 4 days before the scheduled Facilitation Event.)
  6. The Club Coordinator will supply Vision Team Coordinator with details (# of participants) and directions to the site of the facilitation 1 week prior to the Vision event to distribute to facilitators.
  7. The EventEvening Preparation: The Club Coordinator will have the room set up, food procured and the list of facilitation “tools” ready for the facilitation team’s arrival.

The Event - Timeline

4:30 – 5:00  Arrival of facilitation team and set-up
5:00 – 5:15  Start Buffet line for meal or box supper and be seated for meal
5:15 – 5:20  Introduction of Facilitation Team (Name, Club, Rotary experience); Rotary Facilitator Outline
(Rules of the Facilitation)
5:20 – 5:40  Present the PowerPoint Presentation
(while everyone is eating)
5:40 – 5:50  Introduction of Rotary club members
(name, classification, total yrs in Rotary, club leadership role)
5:50 – 6:00  Clean-up meal mess/bathroom
6:00 – 6:10  Introduce Vision Exercise
6:10 – 6:40  Rotarians fill out the Vision Exercise
6:40 – 8:00  Extraction of “22+ Sheets”
8:00 – 8:05  Break -
cross out redundant statements, MOVE elements that are in the “wrong” category i.e.: STRIVE under Community Service to Vocational Svc, mark charts for # dot voting, rearrange charts if needed)
8:05 – 8:30  Round 1 - Blue Dot prioritization on each of the 8 Categories of:

    1.   What does club stand for?         (3 Dots)
    2A. Club size                                   (1 Dot)
   2.    Attributes                                   (3 Dots)
   3-6. 5 Ave of Service                         (3 Dots each Avenue)
   4A. Humanitarian Fundraising          (1 Dot)
   7.    Foundation                                (3 Dots)
   8.   Leadership Development             (3 Dots)
   Total dots to hand out to participant  (26 Dots)

8:05 - 8:30  Round 2 - Red Dot prioritization on each of the 8 Categories (
same # as above)
8:30 – 9:00  Breakdown of 8 Categories by dot totals…to prioritization.
                   Summarize verbally to group the 3-4 focus areas in 8 categories
                   Assignments (Club Action Plan)
                   Summarize and discuss observations

Network with Rotarians over a cold one…  J