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Club Vision

Welcome to the Rotary District 5960 Vision Facilitation web site!



John Channon
Vision Facilitation Team Lead D-5960
651-373-6406 mobile
A Club Vision Facilitation is a four hour session (in-person or virtual) that assists key leaders and
interested members of a Rotary club in forming a 3 year plan for their Club that creates consensus,
consistency and continuity.
The facilitation session is intended for all interested Rotarians in your club-from your newest members to
your most tenured.  The breadth and depth of the facilitation exercise is optimized when club leaders
(past, present and future) and member opinion leaders participate.
Our D5960 volunteer Vision Facilitation Team has been trained using the IVFC (International Vision
Facilitation Council) methodology used in Rotary Districts around the world.
Learn more about Why Clubs should do Visioning, How It Works and What It Can Deliver for your Club,
with this pdf: D5960 Why Club Visioning.
If you are interested in scheduling a Vision Facilitation for your club, please visit the 'Scheduling A Vision
Facilitation' link on the left-hand side of this page.
We are always interested in D5960 Rotarians joining our team. 
Was your Rotary Club one of the 30 Clubs that went through the Visioning process in the past 3 years, if
so, did you enjoy the experience and find it beneficial for your Club?  If the answer to this question is yes,
we would like for you to consider joining our Team and become a District 5960 Vision Facilitator.
What does that mean for you:
  • You will become part of a dynamic team, providing a service to the Clubs in our District
  • You will be trained on how to conduct all aspects of the Vision Facilitation experience
  • You will be mentored early on by experienced facilitators
  • You will develop Leadership skills that can benefit your personal and professional lives
  • On average we conduct 7 Club Vision sessions per year, you will be involved in at least 3, each a
          commitment of 4-5 hours
  • You will be able to meet and learn from other Rotarians and Clubs in our District
  • You will have FUN!
What does that mean as service for our District:
  • Helping create engaged Clubs with increased energy
  • A focus on the future for our Clubs
  • A strengthened connection between our Clubs and the District
  • Increased membership, participation, giving and leadership within our District
  • More friendships within Rotary

If you are interested in learning more about Visioning, please contact John Channon (District 5960 Vision
Facilitation Team Lead) at or via text or voice at 651-373-6406.