Disaster Response Fund Grant

The Rotary Foundation Disaster Response Fund Grant

Purpose: To provide Rotary Foundation funds to our clubs to fill COVID-19 related needs in their communities
A few years ago, TRF established a Disaster Response Fund to rapidly respond to disasters.  Originally planned for natural disasters, The Foundation’s Trustees decided that this is an opportunity to help Rotarians respond to the COVID-19 impact in our communities as well.  Our District applied for a Disaster Response Grant through this Response Fund and were awarded $25,000 to use in our communities.  We feel the best way to put these funds to work is for the clubs to utilize them as “mini-grants” in the best way these see fit.  Here are the main points you need to know:
  • Clubs are invited to submit requests for funds to be used in your communities by completing the Disaster Response Grant Application attached to this email
  • Clubs can request between $500-$2,500 of funds and should contribute at least $100 of their own funds
  • The deadline for request submission is Friday, May 1st.  At that time, the $25,000 will be distributed based on the requests from clubs.  We will make sure every club that requests funds is given some, but cannot guarantee a full award of a request based on the funds available.
  • Like any grant, activities must fit within the parameters set forth by TRF’s Terms & Conditions for Rotary Disaster Response Grants (attached).  For example: funds cannot simply be donated without restriction to an organization in your community, but rather should be for a specific purpose.
  • After your request is submitted, you will be assigned a mentor from our Grants Team to ensure the Grant Application is filled out correctly and to ensure proper record keeping and reporting of grant activities.
Please submit your applications to Margie Horning, Grants Team Leader, at Margie.horning@comcast.net by May 1st.

District Sponsored Grant

Purpose: To bring the District together to make significant contributions to three organizations that operate throughout all communities in our District
Every year, our District receives District Designated Funds (DDF) from The Rotary Foundation that we use to match grant requests from our clubs.  Due to COVID-19, we have funds leftover from grants that were not able to be completed this year.  To make best use of these funds and not roll them forward to future years (where they can only be spent internationally), we will use our remaining DDF to establish a “pot” of funds and ask clubs to contribute to the pot for more significant impact.  Currently, we have $16,700 available and ask every club to contribute with the goal of building this fund up to over $30,000 to do good in our communities.  The three benefactor organizations would be:
These three organizations serve all the communities in our District in one way or another (regional food banks support local service organizations), so significant donations will have a direct impact for our neighbors and friends.
Please respond with the amount your club will contribute to Margie Horning (Margie.horning@comcast.net) or Kyle Haugen (jkylehaugen@gmail.com) by May 1st
Thank you for your participation in these initiatives.  As you can imagine, together we will be able to have a significant impact (more than $50,000) in our communities as we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.