Global Grants
What are Global Grants?
Global grants support large international activities with sustainable, measurable outcomes in one or more of the seven Rotary Areas of Focus.
You can use global grants to fund:
Global Grants Must:
  • Be an international partnership between a Rotary club or district in the country where the activity takes place and a Rotary club or district outside of that country
  • Be sustainable and include plans for long-term success after the global grant funds have been spent
  • Include measurable goals that are demonstrated through progress reports
  • Align with one of our six areas of focus
  • Address an important need identified by the community itself
  • Strengthen the community capacity to meet its own needs
  • Include active participation from both Rotarians and community members
  • Have a minimum budget of $ $33,000 in order to qualify for a minimum TRF match of $15,000

How do I apply for a global grant?


Qualification & Prerequisites

1.   To qualify, one or more members (s) of your club must attend a Grant Management Seminar (GMS) for the Rotary Year pertaining to the grant.
2.  Your 2020-2021 Club President and President-elect must sign The Rotary Foundation Memo of Understanding (MOU) and D-5960 Addendum to TRF MOU.
3.  VERY IMPORTANT Contact the Grants Subcommittee Chair, Margie Horning, or 651-428-1740, for a Mentor.
4.  Your club must be current on reporting for   and all of your open and completed grants.
5.  You must have a Host Partner.
6.  Your Host Partner club and district must also be qualified to participate.
7.  Project site must be outside of the United States
8.  Before entering information into the online RI GG Application, you must work with a mentor and have the concept approved by the Grants Subcommitee. 

District 5960 Global Grant Application Process

 NOTE: Global Grant Applications are completed online via the Rotary International web site.
1. Log into My Rotary. Sign in using your email address and password. Register if you don’t have an account.  Tip:Your email will appear in the upper right corner when you are signed in.
2. Click The Rotary Foundation item on the horizontal scroll bar.
3. Choose grant application tool on the left side of the screen.
4. Select Apply for a grant (shown on the horizontal scroll bar)
5. Go to Select Grant Type box.
6. Select global grant.
7. Continue to enter information as requested.
8. A Global Grant ID# will be provided.

Questions:Contact your District 5960 Grant Subcommittee Chair Margie Horning,  or 651-428-1740. 

How are global grants funded?
  • Cash contributions from D-5960 and other District Rotary clubs will be matched with D-5960 District Designated Funds (DDF).
  • The minimum cash total from all D-5960 clubs must be at least $6,000. 
  • The D-5960 match is 2:1. The maximum D-5960 DDF match is $16,000 for any one project regardless of how many D-5960 clubs and how much cash over the $6,000 they contribute. 
  • You can partner with other Clubs and Districts to increase the cash and DDF available for a project. 
  • TRF will match all Club cash on a .5 / 1 ratio and all District DDF on a 1 / 1 ratio. In addition, TRF will match non-Rotarian cash .5 / 1(with limitations). 
  • The minimum TRF match is $15,000 U.S. The maximum TRF match is generally $200,000.  
  • TRF awards of $50,000 or more require additional levels of competition & approval