Friendship Exchange Brazil 2015
A World of Rotary Opportunity
An Exchange with District 4740, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Outbound to Brazil
June 10 - June 19, 2015

Outbound Team Members: Terri and Greg Carlson (Roseville Rotary Club); Bruce and Sally Boyce (Waseca Rotary Club); Philip Kaleowoun , (Twin Cities Rotaract Club); Lori and Jim Johnson (Stillwater Noon Rotary Club)

Application and Deposit due by January 10, 2015

For 8 Rotarians and/or partners - The 3rd Rotary Friendship Exchange (RFE) exchange for District 5960 was with Rotary District 4740 in Santa Catarina, Brazil. This is a District which has a culturally diverse constituency with influences from Italy, Austria, Germany, and Japan. Small villages founded in the 1920's by immigrants from the aforementioned countries are now thriving cities in the district. Agriculture is an important part of life with major local crops including soy, corn, beans, garlic, apples, grapes, pork, cattle, and poultry. Additionally, natural springs, water parks, hydroelectric and wind plants make up the economy. 

Inbound Rotary Friendship Exchange (RFE) with Brazil will be October 1 -10, 2015

For more information about Rotary Friendship Exchange program or if you are interested in hosting or traveling on a Friendship Exchange, please contact Cheryl Kohout, 651-442-7986 or email