Our District Radio Show and Podcast (in conjunction with District 5950) started  Sunday, Oct 16th. It is everything Rotary, hosted by Kelly and Joe from the Edina club, but the focus is on service. The podcast is called Searching for Service and can be found at your favorite podcast site. The radio show is live Sundays at 3 pm on 950 AM The Progressive Voice of Minnesota.

Dec 11th – Ed Marek and Bruce – Braver Angels

Dec 18th – Brian Rusch – Rotational International DEI committee

Dec 25th – Tom Gump – repeat airing

Jan 1st –

Jan 8th – Mike Kaiser – Good Samaritan Clubs 

Jan 22th – Stephanie Urchick – RI President 20224-25 (there will be a live Q&A via YouTube Live on Friday January 20th from 1-2pm)

Jan 29th – Mike Deluca – Global Traveler’s Club

INEXPENSIVE ADVERTISING -  Would you like to support this effort? You can do this by being a sponsor or advertiser. You can "buy" a 30-60 second slot for $50 a week. You write or let the radio people write it for you. Read it yourself, have a host read it, or the radio station will have one of their readers record it. Either way, you get your name out there for a pittance. - Contact DG Dayle Quigley for information.